Telly Shop is Nigeria’s best solution for getting your International purchases by acting as a proxy for your UK deliveries in order for them to be shipped to Lagos.  We can also save you money by combining multiple purchases from multiple internet companies into one consignment.


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Shop on UK websites in Nigeria

Now it is possible to buy anything in the world as well as get UK’s best deals on things you simply can’t get in Nigeria.  Although, some European & UK online service will allow you to buy from them the issue is that a majority of them will not ship to Nigeria.

Thanks to Telly Shop, there’s no longer any need to worry about a lack of international shipping options on your favorite websites because our service will bridge this gap by providing an UK address for you to order which will then be shipped to Nigeria for you.

UK Delivery Address, Collection & Shipping to Nigeria

As a client of Telly Shop all you need to do is enter our UK mailing address when making your purchase, and we’ll inform you when it arrives and how much it costs to ship.

The process is simple, affordable and reliable and we make sure that every UK Online delivery to Nigeria is done securely.


Get Our Address

Follow the quick & easy steps to sign up with Telly Shop and receive your UK Delivery address for you UK Online shopping.

Order your goods

Start shopping from UK online stores such as Amazon UK, ASOS & eBay using our delivery address, make sure you get a dispatch confirm email from the seller.

receive your parcel

Upon receiving your parcel we will check its contents to ensure it can be safely & legally shipped to Nigeria.  We will then send you a photo as well as an e-mail informing you of its arrival.

shipping your purchase

We will ask you to make a payment for the cost of forwarding your goods to Nigeria.  After we receive payment, it will be shipped.


Please ensure that you order as early as possible; so that the delivery will make our Thursday cut-off  for shipping to Lagos, which is once a week on Friday.  This will enable you to get your purchases a week later (upper Saturday ) from our office:

79 Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island, Lagos.








N3,000 per kg 

(volumetric weight)
To make the payment, come to our Lagos office or pay into our bank account. (please note that you make pay before we ship).



79 Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island. Lagos

08021468075 /08132419123

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